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Top 3 Bridal Bouquet Designs for Spring 2017

The Organic (natural) trend is very popular for Spring 2017, this is why the "Organic Bouquet" is our number 1. A combination of green leaves and neutral colors with sometimes a pop of blush is perfect for the bride that's looking for that earthy feel.

The Round Bouquet is our number 2. This bouquet is absolutely timeless. It definitely surpasses any trend. It's perfect in any color combination. Some are adorned with sparkling broaches and details allowing for a personal touch. This bouquet is perfect for any bride.

Being in tropical weather, our number 3 is the Cascade Bouquet. This style allows for more exotic flowers to be displayed at their fullest. Endless combinations can be made in an array of colors. Beautiful for the more tropical bride.

International Party Designers experienced florists can prepare these most trendy designs for Spring 2017. We look forward to assisting you in making your dream bridal bouquet. Contact Us Today!

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