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5 Top Party Trends 2017

Party ideas come and go. Here are our top five ideas that are trending for 2017.

1. Dripping Cake. This style cake is easily customized for any event you may have in mind. Bakers are clever these days in decorating these beautiful cakes with great ideas and designs. Consider it for your next party.

2. Photo Booths. This trend is greatly growing along side technology. Photo booths can be linked to social media and allow your guests to post shots in real time at your events. Many event companies are building beautiful settings and backgrounds giving your guests a fun time to play a little dress up and take great pictures at your event.

3. Balloon Garlands. These stylish garlands are changing the party scene. Pair them with natural fresh flowers and you add a different look to your event. The designs go from simple to very elegant, the ideas are endless. This detail to your event will definitely have your guests talking.

4. Vintage Glass Ware. The Vintage trend has been very popular lately. The choices for this type of decoration are absolutely stunning and give your event a different twist. These days event planners have gotten thrifty by finding glassware and other items in stores such as thrift and vintage shops. Give this trend a try.

5. Unique Ideas. Coming up with unique ideas is sometimes hard but think about what's going on in the moment. Movies, for instance is a great unique idea. This year in particular there are many sequels to super hero and car chasing movies coming out. The sky is the limit.

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