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Top 3 Color Combination Trends for Summer 2017

Wedding Season is here! The Summer sun and vibes set the ambiance for the most colorful weddings. Whether inside or out there's so much color to play with. Here are out top 3 combinations for Summer 2017.

Navy Blue and Fushia is fun and vibrant. Incorporate a metallic gold or silver for a touch of elegance if your event is indoor or evening. This color combo will bring fun to your event.

White, Sandstone, & Baby Blue will give you the beach vibe you're looking for. Add seashells, sea stars, and coral to complete the look.

Teal and Coral make the sweetest combination. This picture with the bridesmaids with short dresses make it perfect for the season. Add a touch of love birds to complete the look.

With over 17 years in the event industry, International Party Designers has the staff, experience, inventory, and professionalism to bring your dream event into a reality. Call Us today, make an appointment. We're looking forward to meeting you.


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