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Oh La La Summer Tents

Summer weddings are just beautiful. There is an array of decor you can incorporate into these events depending on the location chosen. Many venues have outdoor locations and with the right tent setting you can make your event memorable. Here are a few options to get you inspired.

Incorporate pop of color with these natural warm tones to bring the space alive. The white lounge feel furniture gives a touch of elegance to the dance area. Finalize with a gran chandelier to light up the party.

Who doesn't love a tropical setting in front of the beach. The white linens give this look a soft relaxed vibe. The long tables give a more family feel that will have your guests feeling comfortable and inviting.

Consider these white umbrella like tents to make your guest comfortable during your ceremony. They will not damper the look of your wedding as they have a beautiful laid back feel. Your gust will thank you for the little details.

International Party Designers is a leading event designer company in Miami. We strive to make your dream event a reality. Contact us to make an appointment. We're looking forward to meeting you.

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